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Descriptions of Membership

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Regular Membership:
• Owners of existing welcome services currently in operation.
• Dues: $100/year with one-time installation fee of $100 upon joining.
• Membership includes use of the private Facebook group, access to the WSI annual conference, and exclusive territory representation within WSI.

Probationary Membership:
• Individuals who are exploring the concept of opening a welcome service in their community, or in the process of starting but not yet operational.
• Businesses who already operate a current welcome service that does not overlap in territory to an existing WSI member business.
• Dues: $160/year with capability to apply a portion to a regular membership, if conversion takes place.
• Membership includes a minimum of 3 hours of consulting with current members to assist in the exploration/start-up process and answering questions.

To apply for membership, please email a membership director and include the following information.

Name (First & Last):
City, State, Zip:
Location for Proposed or Current Welcome Service:
Additional Comments:

Sue Parmalee

Membership Director

Sue Parmalee
Email: countrywelcome@gmail.com
Phone: (715) 281-3904

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