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"I stumbled upon WSI (on Google) when I first started my welcome service 10 years ago, and I joined within a few weeks of starting it.  It was most definitely the best investment that I've made in my business.  The members have been dear friends of mine, but they have also helped me in countless ways to grow my business.  WSI is priceless!"  

 --Teri Taylor, Neighborhood Greetings / Quad Cities, IA


"After operating our welcome service for ten years, we made the decision to join WSI after some consistent and caring outreach from a key member who sent us emails describing the annual conference plans.  We attended and were overwhelmed with the knowledge and attitude of sharing and helping across businesses from across the country and into England.  We could observe how others run their businesses differently from ours and how profitable their method is; and to consider it without the usual “risk” of trying a new direction.  Having access to these fellow members’ learning curves is very supportive.  In addition, I participate in a daily forum where anyone can throw a question out there and get answers back on how various members handle a situation or opportunity.  And we also have formal “shop talk” questions which go out to the wider membership.  Support, knowledge and friendship—like we’ve never experienced before in our 40-plus years of being business owners!" 

Anne and Bob Pounds, Welcome Neighbor, LLC / Glen Mills, PA 


 "If it had not been for WSI, I would probably have quit long ago!   It was nice to be able to ask questions to people who were "in the same boat."   It seemed no matter what the question was, someone in WSI had an answer.    I have made some friendships in WSI that will last long after I sell my business!"  

 -- Millie Sue Hawk, Business Link / Mobile, AL


 "A former sponsor of a welcome service, I realized what a great marketing tool it was and eventually bought the business!  One of the most beneficial components of being a WSI member has been the contribution to my business of some great ideas from other welcome service owners.  Everyone runs their business a little differently and having the opportunity to see other options and network with others in the same business has been awesome.  My only regret is that I didn't join sooner!"  

--Melinda Stone, Welcome Express / San Clemente, CA



"Literally days after I joined the group, I was flooded with kind words of welcome and helpful advice from several of the WSI members. In addition, I received “Shop Talk” handouts pertaining to partnering with local newcomer clubs, developing giveaways for furniture shops and determining sponsor pricing structures. The comments were varied and thoughtful … and right on target with my own business goals."

--Stacey Thompson, Columbia Welcome / Columbia, MO


"We have been a member of WSI since 1988.  The organization has helped our business to prosper and we have made wonderful friends throughout the years.  About 15 years ago we were interested in getting into promotional items, but didn't know how to go about it.  We asked about it at a conference and a WSI member 'showed us the ropes', walked us through the procedure, and now, 15 years later, we are still in the business, loving it, and even making some money!"   

--Chris Clark, Nicolet Welcome Service / Rhinelander, WI


  "I actually grew up in WSI; I was 7 years old when it was founded. One of the founders was my mother, Dottie Hiatt--who hosted 3 conferences in Bakersfield during my childhood. Many years later I started working in the business, attending many conferences over the years and eventually hosted 3 conferences here in San Luis Obispo County. Conferences are a wonderful way to meet up with old friends and even learn about new ways to increase my business. Every conference I attended resulted in returning home inspired and renewed. Now that we have a WSI chat room-type forum, I have been able to help various members and in turn they have helped me--it's a wonderful tool to keep in touch between conferences. WSI has been a tremendous support to me for the last 28 yrs."  

--Liz H. Salas, Central Coast Welcome / San Luis Obispo, CA

"Joe and I joined WSI January 2008 and immediately felt connected to many members who have  become great friends.   After every conference, I come home with ideas to help my business grow, and will be starting up a Business-to-Business program in Jan. 2011.  I have also learned how to set up an e-mail newsletter for newcomers that has received very positive feedback from WSI members, who have given me great suggestions on how to make it even better!  The highlight of the conferences is getting to meet members face-to-face whom I have communicated with via e-mail and phone."  

--Dee Strilowich, Personal Touch Welcome / Ridgefield, CT 


"The members of Welcome Services International are so very supportive of one another.  If I ever have a question about any aspect of my business, whether it be clients or call recipients, it is wonderful to know that I can get on the phone or e-mail any number of people for advice.  Sometimes it is just nice to toss different aspects of your business out there to people who understand your business, and to be able to get honest answers.  I consider the members of Welcome Services International to be a wonderful network of friends who care about me and the success of my business. " 

--Sue Parmelee, Country Welcome / King, WI 

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