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Benefits of WSI Membership

GrpConvPhoto-valdosta-3_300x225Networking with others in the same business, and sharing with people of like-mind is a key objective of our organization.  It provides the opportunity to share ideas and address the every day challenges we face, which are unique to the welcome service business.

WSI offers support, encouragement, and lifelong friendships. We share our ups and downs; it is comforting knowing there is always someone to pat you on the back and tell you what a great job you are doing and also to empathize when you have one of those days where things don't seem to go right.

Every business is unique; none of our services are operated in exactly the same way.  Some of us live in very large cities, some in small towns; some of us have several representatives working for us while others handle their business alone.  WSI does not accept competing businesses in our program, so each owner feels free to share their trade secrets and unique keys to success.

Although we are spread out across the globe, there is an ongoing sense of community throughout the year.  This is provided partially by:

  • Our joint website at
  • Online Forums, Google Groups, Shop Talk Email Q & A
  • Annual and Regional Conferences, providing learning & networking opportunities.  

From a practical standpoint, members share vendor sources & other resources.  We also explore group purchasing, national contract opportunities, and volume purchase discounts.

We learn new information on how to better compete in the marketplace, expanding revenue streams, finding new side opportunities in the same business through others who will teach you the ropes & share their learning curve—in a word: MENTORING.

Members share tools to standardize systems and processes, establishing operating procedures.
We have annual opportunities to travel to new places--it’s fun to see different parts of the country during these conferences—with a reason to go there and a tax write-off, too!  Having a local business contact in the area to serve as our travel guide is an added plus.

Ultimately, WSI membership can help optimize your business, taking it to a new level.

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