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Sponsor a Welcome Package
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Sponsor a Welcome Package

What is a Welcome Package and exactly what does a Welcome Service Do?

ms-greet2_400X500A Welcome Service produces and delivers a valuable package for newcomers containing civic information about their new community and gifts from various sponsor businesses in their area. It is usually the largest, most comprehensive package of its type they will receive after their move. It contains many useful tools to help newcomers settle into their new neighborhood and turn their new residence into their home.

The Welcome Package arrives shortly after their move is complete. At this transitionary moment in their lives, you have the opportunity to establish a new client and a long-lasting relationship. A Welcome Service can give these new residents a compelling reason to contact you.

This can have a great public relations benefit. You can make a great first impression at a most impressionable time in their lives. Being a sponsor of a package containing such valuable content credits your business with helping facilitate their immersion into their new community.

The Welcome Package is assembled specifically for each newcomer and personalized for their family—in an eye-catching package arrangement. Some are personally delivered by a greeter while others are delivered to the doorstep by another delivery method.

The combination — various civic materials and gift certificates — all presented in a personalized, professional and official manner gives added credibility to your message and assures repeat readership during the long shelf-life of the Welcome Package.


  • High readership per household without costly repetitive advertising
  • First Chance at First Impression
  • Branding
  • Image
  • Long Shelf-Life
  • New Customers

PLUS--Many Welcome Services provide a list to the sponsor of the families they welcomed on their behalf, including additional contact information.

Benefits of Reaching Newcomers

In conclusion, the Welcome Service greets the newcomer with a valuable package of community information and gifts from local businesses. These businesses want to capture the newcomer as a potential customer—before they become someone else's customer.

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