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Benefit to Newcomers
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Benefit to Newcomers

Casual Family with New HomeMoving DayThrough their local welcome service, newcomers are given a targeted introduction to local businesses, many of which offer money - saving incentives, which encourage them to become customers/clients/patients.  Oftentimes, local businesses provide small gifts as well as lots of useful information for the welcome service to distribute.  Newcomers gain insight into their new community and immediate surroundings, as well as the comfort of knowing they have at least one new friend.

Newcomer Testimonials

  • With the wide variety of restaurants in this area, I could safely say we might not have ever tried these restaurants but with these gift certificates we did try them and will definitely return to them in the future.
  • It was a wonderful, helpful packet of information that we received.
  • When we bought our dream home we were new to this part of Orange County and wanted to get to know our new "home town" as quickly as possible.
  • Everyone has been so cordial, polite and welcoming to us!
  • Thanks again for your welcome package and the fine businesses that take part in that!
  • We will definitely give our business to these fine establishments because they cared enough to welcome us to their neighborhood!
  • We have been repeat clients to so many of them so far!!
  • We recognize great customer service when we get it!
  • I loved the offers and hospitality!
  • Your welcome package was so welcoming and beneficial!
  • You don't need to change a thing! The package was beautiful, thank you so much!
  • Your welcome package contained a lot of good information.
  • I liked being welcomed to the neighborhood on behalf of these businesses.
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